JISC – Open Book Project

releasing open data for illuminated manuscript collection records and research…

Project Plan

The project team met again on the 22nd of February at the Natural History Museum.

The main task of this meeting was to discuss & clarify an all partners understanding of the deliverables.

Useful discussions also took place regarding data modelling, architecture and understanding any linkages with Contextual Wrappers #2.

The primary result of this meeting was the publishing of the project’s Project Plan.


Project ‘kick-off’ – 23 Jan 2012

A project team meeting was held at the Natural History Museum on the 23rd January 2012.

Open Book – releasing open data for museum collection records and research – is a JISC funded project under Digital Infrastructure Programme – Resource Discovery strand.

This is the project’s website and here you will find published outputs from the project, blog entries etc.

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