JISC – Open Book Project

releasing open data for illuminated manuscript collection records and research…


JISC Project

Name of Strand:  16/11 Digital Infrastructure programme  – Resource Discovery strand

Name of Lead Institution: The Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge
Name of Project: “Open Book” – releasing open data for illuminated manuscript collection records and research
Project PartnersKnowledge IntegrationThe Collections Trust
Primary Contact: Dr David Scruton
Length of Project: 7 months
Project Dates: 1 Feb – 3o Aug 2012

Outline Project Description

The project will release open metadata for the Fitzwilliam’s Designated Collection (over 150,000 records), enhancing existing OAI-PMH provision (using RDF) as well as making the data available using open data technologies as advocated by the JISC RDTF.

In addition Open Linked Data provision will be provided. This will focus on the internationally important collection of illuminated manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum (approximately 500 manuscripts records). The relationship between the manuscript data and research data being generated around the collection will be explored.

This will prototype ways of handling the integration and linkage of object data with metadata relating to the ongoing illuminated manuscript pigment analysis project that is being undertaken at the Fitzwilliam. The output will be provided through a RESTful RDF delivery endpoint, and a SPARQL query service endpoint. Metadata will continue to be harvested for aggregation on the Culture Grid but the project will significantly extend the ways in which open data is released by the Museum.

It will explore the different models for the release of data for a university museum collection, increasing in-house technical capability, understanding, and skills in this area. Infrastructure developed by the project will be based on open source technological solutions that can be applied elsewhere. Importantly – by extending the work carried out on the Contextual Wrappers project and using the products of the pigment analysis initiative – the project will investigate the modelling of information about collection objects, and the object-based activity and events (e.g. research), within the museum context, ultimately allowing release of this data into the JISC open data resources environment.

The project will build on the established working partnership between the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Collections Trust and Knowledge Integration Ltd, drawing on the relevant technical, curatorial and information management experience within the collaboration.


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